What is the National Utility Industry Training Fund?
We are a partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and several forward-thinking utility companies across the United States who believe that we can accomplish more together than we can separately. Our mission is to provide employees and prospective employees with the best training available in the industry today.

Why Did We Decide to Collaborate?
To address the current shortage of trained workers and the need to continually update training for current employees, the IBEW and several sponsoring utilities launched the concept of regional training centers to be operated under the National Utility Industry Training Fund (a Taft-Hartley training trust fund). The sponsors of the Fund are the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the participating host utilities where the regional training centers are located.   

The training centers are located at:

Alabama Power Company
Calera, Alabama  

DTE Energy (Detroit Edison)
Westland, Michigan 

Kansas City, Missouri  

Tucson Electric Power
Tucson, Arizona   

Each training center offers classroom facilities and a fully stocked outdoor training yard that provides a real-work environment. 

The IBEW and the participating utilities believe that the training needs of the utility industry will be addressed in a more cost-effective manner by working together rather than each organization repeating the same efforts individually.

The National Utility Industry Training Fund provides a forum where utilities can join forces with each other in collaboration with the IBEW to achieve common goals that benefit all. It has been established as a long-term, strategic approach to address both short- and long-term needs with a flexible structure to address workforce development issues.